Free Talk : Nicola Tesla – 7.30 pm, 3 Sept (Thurs)

The Genius Who LIt The World

Introduction evening with Katharina Bless 

Radio, radar, X-ray, fluorescence lighting, wireless energy transmission, remote control are gadgets attributed to others. In fact, Nikola Tesla was the first to  demonstrate them around 100 years ago!

He was the inventor of alternative current and practically every invention that we use and misuse in the modern world. Some people would like to remove Tesla and his inventions from our textbooks because his inventions included: free energy, wireless transmitted electricity, particle beam weapons, electromagnetic propulsion systems and more.

Free Energy Tesla plates

For many years, I use the Tesla Crystalloid disc on my cell-phones and had no problem with them anymore. In ~ 1993/4 I bought my first mobile phones because I lived in a house with no phone then. I hardly could use it and when I did, I had painful headaches after being on the phone. I gave it away when I moved and never want to use a mobile phone again. It took me over 10 years to buy one again. I bought one a few years back when my mother came to stay with me so I could be reached in case of emergency. I have used the Tesla Free Energy plates for over 25 years and but didn’t know then about the Crystalloid Phone disc. When I found out and put one on my new phone, I could use it without headaches! If I have to use the phone of someone else I feel immediately like pinching needles in my ear and a dull pain expanding into my head. Many people report similar symptoms. I have recommended the Crystalloid disc to many people and they use them with much success.  Are you interested to know more?

Katharina Bless will introduce you to the topic, show you a movie with an overview of Nicola Tesla’s invention and his life. Then, she’ll show and explain the free energy plates, how they work and how you can use them. 

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