Free Talk : What is Healing Love? 7.30pm, 15 Sept (Tues)

All attending this free talk on Healing Love will receive a personal energy blessing from Shaman Remedia.
Healing Love is powerful enough to transform ANY other energy into healing power. In her workshops, Remedia will awaken this Healing Love in your heart, and teach you how to safely draw energy from our Universe’s most powerful sources. Newcomers and old friends alike are invited to come and enjoy a free sample of Remedia’s deeply personal Love Blessings.

The Facilitators : Shaman Remedia & Richard Peeler

Shaman Remedia has learned therapies and methods from many different traditions: Taoism, Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. With her husband Richard, she has combined all her practices into a very simple whole based in Love.

Remedia gives people the empowerments and tools they need to build their own Spiritual practice. She keeps workshops small so that each person receives empowerments and training individually, directly from her.

 “Every person we train has the ability to create their own personal Spiritual path and gain a better understanding of how the universe works,” Richard says. “You will become a modern Spiritual energy practitioner without getting caught up in dogma and ritual.”

Shaman Remedia has worked with the healing energy of Love her entire life, helping thousands in many countries. She’s particularly talented at psychic readings, healing energy treatments and empowering others. 

Remedia was born into the Clan of Healers of the Wari-Wari tribe of the Phillipines forty-one years ago. Her grandmother bequeathed all her Shamanic powers to Remedia at birth. She was given the power to see auras and energies, to use subtle energies, to work in the spirit worlds and to do psychic and herbal healing.

“I’m simple people,” says Remedia of herself, while laughing happily. Simple, earthy wisdom, healing energy from the Heavens, and pure, unconditional Love fill every moment of her life. She offers herself to you with joy.

Richard Peeler, Remedia’s husband, lost the use of his arms in a motorcycle accident 25 years ago. The severe chronic pain from broken nerves was even more disabling than his physical injuries. He became addicted to the strong pain killers and tranquilizers that were the only solution modern medicine could offer him.

The first time Remedia touched Richard, his pain was relieved. He was soon off drugs completely. Fascinated by the magic coming out of Remedia’s hands and heart, he began studying healing energy with Masters all over Asia. Today, Richard is very talented at illuminating minds and cleansing negative energies and entities.

The Team – How Remedia and Richard work together 

Remedia and Richard have traveled Asia together for over 12 years. They have taught and given healing sessions while seeking out Masters to learn from themselves. As they have often been overwhelmed by the numbers of people needing healing, they have decided to share their abilities with as many people as possible by teaching others to heal themselves and also become teachers. 

Though they share the same love and devotion to their work, Remedia and Richard are very different people. Remedia works with her well-developed awareness and her intuitive mind while Richard, an educated intellectual, supports her. While Richard grounds Remedia, she takes him into higher energies so that he can clear away the “garbage” from the energy fields of clients.

Remedia then has a safe space in which she can work with Light and Love to heal the damage negative energies may have caused.  Everything in their work is based upon Love and a passionate wish to support others in their growth, health and independence.


No money, jewels or words can describe how grateful I am for the things you have done for me in this past week. You have opened up my mind, taught me about myself, made me feel emotions I didn’t know I had, found the root to my problems in my pelvis, made me think about the past, present & future, and given me the tools to get to know and work on myself. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Anne, University student from Denmark.

I’ve been deeply immersed in things of the “spiritual path” since forever. Richard and Remy’s work was however something new for me. The two removed negative energies from me and began a healing process that I observe still continuing to this day, three months later. Now I feel returned to the openness and joy of contact with others that I had experienced before the placing of these negative blocks. I’ve told others about them, and I am happy to continue to follow the work of Richard and Remy.
Diane Hunter, retired Psychotherapist from the United States

I had a pesky basil cell carcinoma on the back of my ear that had been there for years. It disappeared after three 1.5 hour energy treatments from Remedia and hasn’t returned. These folks are sincere, and I think the world of Remy’s healing abilities.
Rodger Hopt, retired Civil Engineer from Arizona, the United States
From the moment I met Remy and Richard they lightened my spirit with their love and healing energy. They removed strong negative energies which had been preventing me from doing the things I want to with my life. They also taught me several techniques to protect and strengthen myself. Since their treatment, I have noticed a huge lift in my motivation for my work, and a change in my thoughts and desires relating to matters of the second chakra, returning to beliefs I used to hold, but thought I had changed my mind about. I continue to feel their energy benefit me daily and can never thank them enough for how they have helped me.  I would highly recommend their treatments to everybody.  Even if you are unsure what kind of help you need, they will know.
Jessica Sayer, Businesswoman from New Zealand
“I want you guys to teach me. You’re so open and honest. Like you’re not hiding anything. None of my other teachers told me everything the way you do.”
 Mike, direct descendant of the last Batok King, Sumatra, Indonesia

I met Remy and Richard several years ago. Since then they’ve helped me through the emotional pain of divorce, a disturbing psychic attack and, most recently, a severe heart problem. My aortic valve was calcified and leaking so badly that I only had thirty percent of normal blood flow. Instead of the open-heart surgery that my doctors wanted to perform immediately, I decided to use the services of a Naturopath, Dr. Ishak’s complementary health clinic in Malacca and Remedia’s healing energy. I’m glad I did. Today, a short time later, my blood flow has increased to seventy percent and I expect further improvement. I will continue to see Remy and Richard every time I come to Asia. Richard has facilitated my spiritual growth by giving me the guidance I need while giving me the space I need to grow and follow my own path. Remy has given me the Love and healing energy I needed to heal myself. They can do the same for you.
Charlie Stromberg, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Hawaii, United States

When I first saw Remedia and Richard, I was immediately struck by their energy. I immediately wanted to do a healing session with them. The results were quite surprising and led to a number of changes in my thinking and lifestyle that I’m quite pleased with. I have more energy now, and my migraine headaches have all but stopped. Thanks to Remy, I now laugh a lot more and my ability to love has increased substantially.
 Richard Pope, Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist,  England

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