The Genius Who Lit The World

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STOP for a moment and take note of the number of appliances running on electricity around you.
We owe such luxury to Nikola Tesla, an eccentric genius who invented the alternating-current generator that provides our light and electricity as well as the transformer through which electricity is sent. Born in 1856 to a family of Serbian origin, Croatian-born Tesla attended the Technical University at Graz, Austria, and University of Prague. Trained as an electrical engineer, he had been fascinated with electricity since he was a child.

He built his first induction motor in 1883 and immigrated to the United States a year later. Arriving in New York with just four cents in his pocket, a few self-written poems, calculations for a flying machine and a head full of strange ideas, he found employment with Thomas Edison. But this partnership was shortlived as there was a divergence of ideas between the men. At that time, Tesla’s radical alternating-current concept posed a direct threat to Edison’s direct-current empire. A power station is required every 3.2km for direct current due to its inability to step up to high voltage levels for long-distance transmission while alternating current can be transmitted across great distances, minimising power loss.

In 1901, Tesla built the famous Wardenclyffe Tower, a 56m wireless telecommunications tower, in Shoreham, Long Island. It was the first broadcast system that could transmit signals and power without wires to any point on the globe. Tesla’s concept of wireless electricity was used to run industry and transportation, send communications and power ocean liners instantaneously all over the world.

There was a dispute between Tesla and J.P. Morgan, who financed the project, about the use of the tower. The financier found out that the power consumption could not be metered and there would not be any financial gain from providing free electricity to everyone. Eventually, the project was abandoned when Morgan withdrew funding. Imagine the effect if the Tesla project was completed — we would never have to pay for electricity! Tesla was a visionary ahead of his time. He had insights into solar energy, robotics, nuclear fission, satellites and interplanetary communication at a time when cars were not even invented yet. He was also a pioneer in many fields.

Among his inventions were the Tesla coil which is used in radio and television sets, fluorescent light, microwaves, the loudspeaker, wireless communications, radar, X-ray, remote control, turbines and vertical take-off aircraft. Worldwide, Tesla had about 300 patents for his inventions, but many others were not put under patent protection.

He once quoted: “If you want to understand the secrets of nature, look to vibration and frequency.” Inspired by Tesla’s concept of free energy, engineer Ralph Bergstresser worked with Tesla to explore energetic options to end World War II. After Bergstresser’s retirement in the 1970s, he invented the Tesla purple plates, which are antennas for cosmic energy.

These plates, made from anodised aluminium, create a positive energy field and enhance the energy of anything within close proximity. The atoms of the aluminium resonate in tune with the basic energy that causes the particles of every atom to be in constant vibration. They work for an unlimited time as they reload themselves continuously. Tesla called these plates “carriers of free energy”.

Measurements with radionic devices indicate that the Tesla purple plates can raise the vibrational state of energy of the human body. For example, the energy level of an average human being is about 20-25 (on a scale of 0 to 100) and the energy level increases to 90-95 if the person carries a Tesla plate. According to Linda Goodman in her book Star Signs, the Tesla purple plates can be used in the following ways: l Energise water and food before consumption by increasing the life force energy l Place a large purple plate in your refrigerator to prolong the freshness of vegetables, milk products and fruit. It reduces odours and bacterial and fungal contamination as well. Some people find that the cooling capacity in the refrigerator improves, so you can adjust the regulator and save some electricity.

l Wear a disc or carry a plate to increase your energy level and prevent fatigue.

l Accelerate wound healing and relieve pain (headaches, cuts, fractures, arthritis, nausea).

l Enhance sleep quality.

l Water plants with water energised with the plate.

l Assist in the healing of sick pets.

l Place a plate in your car to energise the space if you spend many hours driving daily. Being in a car for long periods can drain a person mentally and physically.

Another great invention is the Tesla crystalium disc, which is used to counteract stress-related problems and electromagnetic pollution. In our modern world, we are bombarded by electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by our electrical appliances, especially the computer and mobile phone. Although science has yet to link any disease to EMR, I’m sure you have noticed the effects on your health such as fatigue, dull headaches and tired eyes after using a computer or talking on the mobile phone for long periods.

Based on the principles of the Tesla purple plates, the Tesla crystalium disc creates a low-frequency energy field which gates out disharmonic frequency patterns. The disc harmonises disharmonic frequency patterns emitted by electrical appliances and renders them less harmful to the human energy field. Test them out yourself using a pendulum or applied kinesiology (a diagnostic method using muscle strength testing), or taste the difference in water that has been energised with the Tesla purple plates.

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