Can I give flower essences to animals?

Yes, flower essences work just as well with animals and sometimes even better. Like humans, animals also suffer from emotional and behavioural issues. Anger, fear, and insecurity are common problems in domestic animals. This is what Hilda Rogers from The Natural Approach has to say; “Many animals respond very well to flower essences. Horses and dogs, in particular, seem to have an affinity with these remedies”. The Findhorn Combination Essences are simple to use and can be given to a horse on a small piece of apple or carrot, and to a dog by just pulling out the lower lip and dripping the required number of drops onto the gums.

First Aid is very good for helping a dog to cope with a visit to the vet or other stressful situations. It can also be given before and after an operation.

Psychic Protection can be used for dogs that get show fright, become worried at training classes, or, feel overwhelmed by a situation or place.

Life Force often aids the recuperative process and can help horses who have ‘lost form’ and are suffering a bit of ‘burn out’.

Calm Me Down is a very useful thing to have in the veterinary first aid box. It can be used to help deal with general over-excitability or in anticipation of a situation arising which has caused panic or distress before.

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