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Mind & Spirit : NST Life & Times 25/5/2010


DO you know your zodiac sign? Do you check your horoscope daily to find out how your day will unfold?

You may be surprised that the zodiac signs are not reflective of the star constellations in the sky!

The word astrology comes from the Latin term astrologia that is derived from Greek, meaning study of the star constellations.

In ancient times, astrologers and astronomers were the same people. Astrology measures the quality of time which shows the topic of a certain timeframe be it a time of expansion, introspection, new beginnings, etc while astronomy records the movement of the planets and the stars.

Astrologers believe that the positions and movements of the planets and the stars correspond to events experienced by us in our daily life. Katharina Bless, a SkyView astrologer who has been practising astrology since 1982, chooses to debunk the myth that astrology is a prediction or divination tool.

She says: “It is sad that modern Tropical/Western astrology is reduced to a state where people behave like the archetype of their zodiac sign. It is a delusion that even some astrologers believe that the stars have an influence on us. The stars have as much influence on us as a thermometer has on the temperature in a room: None.

“Astrology has nothing to do with fortune telling. It is all about knowing the terrain and the forces at work in our lives. There are many experiences to be encountered and skills to be refined if we are open to the countless ‘mirrors’ around us. No one can predict the future. Beware of those who say otherwise because astrologers are only able to suggest what may happen if you continue on a certain path. They can also tell you what energies are available at a particular time,” she adds.The stars represent the universal principles which are represented by the 12 zodiac signs or archetypes. Each zodiac sign has a distinct identity. For example, Aries is the sign of a new beginning, of the manifestation of the Ego or separation from the whole. Aries carry with it the igniting spark which makes life in the physical body possible and enables us to step into existence.

“SkyView astrology is different from Western astrology as it is based on the real-time positions of the stars. Western Astrology is based on the star constellations existing 2,000 years ago when the astrology system split into Western and Siderial astrology. Today, there is a 28° difference between the stars and planets in real time compared to that in Western astrology,” she says. SkyView is up-to-date and gives a true picture of the sky at the time of formulating the chart. It is important to have the exact time, date and location of birth in order to obtain a precise reading.

The discrepancy between SkyView and Western astrology can be seen clearly in the chart provided. The inner circle in the chart shows the Western view where every sign is allotted a 30° section while the outer circle depicts the real-time star constellations of SkyView astrology in which the size of the signs varies, ranging from Virgo the largest at 43° and Cancer the smallest at 20°.

The purpose of SkyView astrology is to show individuals the curriculum and purpose of their lives. The Natal Chart represents the snapshot of the sky on the day of your birth. It is the blueprint that guides the person through the maze of existence in the material world.With knowledge, it is much easier for us to overcome the various challenges. A competent astrologer helps clients by offering them choices to transform their lives and to understand that life is a process of evolution and all challenges are opportunities for growth.

In Bless’s book titled, SkyView Astrology, the Sun represents the consciousness of the person and our life lessons while the location of the Moon in a sign signifies a person’s emotional quotient.

She portrays the qualities of the different planets and zodiac signs using Greek mythology so that the reader can grasp the essence of the symbols. I found myself intrigued by the simplicity and relevance of the book even though I have no training on the subject. The metaphysical wisdom of this ancient esoteric tradition captured in its pages brings profound significance if we allow it to infiltrate into our modern lives. Life takes on a different light.

Bless resides at the serene Soma Centre in Chiang Rai, Thailand ( and can be contacted at Occasionally, she travels to provide SkyView astrology readings, play the crystal singing bowls and conduct spiritual workshops. Bless will be in Malaysia from May 29 to June 6.

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