DeStress Room

Overwhelmed with the stresses of everyday life? Looking for a quiet space to reconnect with yourself?

Experience transformation as you step into this room and allow the healing energy of sound to work its magic.  As a vibrational being, you will be attuned to your normal, vibrant self through the appropriate application of healing sound. Studies have shown that sound can reduce stress, enhance the immune system, slow down and balance brainwave activity, reduce muscle tension, increase endorphin levels and evoke feelings of joy and inner peace.

Choose from a selection of sounds for relaxation (rhythmic entrainment), music with positive, subliminal messages or realignment of your chakra system.

Reward yourself today with a session of blissful rejuvenation!

½ hour session : RM 16
1 hour session : RM 27

Call us at 03-20959868 or e-mail us at to book a session.

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