Energy Massage


We all have thought patterns that create emotions and feelings.  When negative emotions are not expressed and they are sufficiently blocked, they result in dis-ease of mind and body and manifest in physical ailments.
Every cell in our body has a memory of everything good and bad that has ever happened in the past to us.  As you receive these energy massages, unresolved issues and its associated energy patterns that have been trapped are released down the body to the small intestine (which is the energy regulator of the body).  The small intestines draw this energy down to it to be released accordingly.  These energy massage techniques will undo blocked emotional energies and let you become the healthy, spontaneous, joyful, happy and balanced individual that you are!

The several types of massages available are:
• Colonic Massage
• Rainbow Massage
• Brazilian Toe Massage
• Periphery Massage
• Emans Dynamic Release Technique

Colonic Massage
• An energy massage on the abdominal region
• Releases tension in the visceral area, including the colon, intestines and the reproductive organs
• Excellent for relieving menstrual or ovarian problems, cramps, constipation, diarrhoea, stomach ulcers and digestive complaints. 
• Also relieves general anxiety and gives you a greater sense of well being.

Rainbow Massage
• Cleanses and heals the aura using the colours of the rainbow. 

Brazilian Toe Massage
• Balances the meridians to the major organs of the body – spleen, liver, stomach, bladder, gall bladder and kidneys. 

Periphery Massage
• Moves energy through-out the body and to help it to flow from inside of the body to out of the body.
• Involves a gentle massage of the feet, the hands and the back of the neck.

Emans Dynamic Release Technique
• An effective and powerful technique resulting in amazing releases from most joints in the body.
• Helps release old thought patterns and ultimately emotional patterns which are held in the subconscious and in the joints and cells of the body.



About Psycho-Peristalsis Massage
Psycho-Peristalsis Massage was developed by Gerda Boyeson, a Norwegian Psychotherapist and Physiotherapist, in the early 1960’s.  This incredible technique has been designed to clear not only emotional blockages but also physical imbalances (dis-eases) mental thought patterns & beliefs.
Gerda found that using the tactile pressure technique then in use brought up to a conscious level memories & feelings from a deep level.  She also realised that the small intestine acted as an Energy Regulator, and as energies were released they were drawn to the small intestine to be dissolved inwardly, so, Gerda developed a very gentle approach with a new massage technique encouraging unresolved issues to be cleared more on a subconscious level by having the energy flow downward & outwards from the body into the aura, thus being just as effective (or even more so) than the existing tactile pressure massage.

Energy exchange: RM 120
Duration: 1 hour
Practitioner: Kok Wai / Wei Suan

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