What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is a form of Creative Arts Therapy which uses creative and dramatic activities to enable people to express and work through problems. The element of pretence that is inherent in drama allows the client to be able to work on difficult concerns from a safe distance. Dramatherapy is an integration of the theories and practices of  drama/creative arts, psychology and medical anthropology.

As with any psychotherapeutic relationships, dramatherapy involves the creation of a trusting relationship and a safe space where the clients feel contained and is able to express himself/herself.

Dramatherapy uses various forms of creative expression such as story making/storytelling, movement/dance, voice, sound/music, play, art and acting/role play.

Dramatherapy uses projective techniques which acts like a mirror to the participants feelings, thoughts and unresolved issues. Both of which the participant may be conscious of and also some which the participants may be unaware of.  Its methods allow the space for  the individual to be both the witness and the participant of his/her life. It is important to explore unresolved emotions from the past and the present as ignoring them or repressing them may cause ‘blocks’ or stagnation to the smooth progress of the individuals life. Once the client is able to have  clarity of their issues, the next step in the cause of dramatherapy sessions is to facilitate participants to create their own solutions to these issue using dramatherapy tools and then guide the individual in carrying out their goals for therapy.

Note:Dramatherapy is different from Psychodrama

Why Dramatherapy?
• The use of creative expression can help communicate emotions/feelings/thoughts that may be difficult to put in words.
• Dramatherapy provides a structure in which the clients are able to feel safe within its boundaries
• Working with one’s imagination can help discover new things about oneself and gain a greater understanding of oneself.

Who can use Dramatherapy?
Dramatherapy can benefit people who experience:
• mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia and personality disorders;
• learning disabilities
• abuse
• losses and traumas
• difficulty  coping with physical illness and the process of recovery
• relationship difficulties
• low self-esteem and low confidence
• problems with communications and social skills
• any other life stressesEnergy Exchange :

Individual sessions: RM 150 per session (Duration : 50 mins)
Group sessions: RM 80 per person per session (Duration : 90 mins)

Facilitator: Vanitha Chandrasegaram                                                                                                                                               
MA Dramatherapy (Hertfordshire, UK)                                                                                                                         
MSc  Psychology (Pittsburg State University, USA)

Vanitha chose to be trained as a dramatherapist to combine her passion and background in the performing arts and Psychology. As a dancer, she has always felt that creative expression contributes to the wellness of an individual. In the last four years as a dramatherapist, she is now able to use creativity in the therapeutic context and to empower others.

Her experience as a dramatherapist includes working in the UK and Malaysia in various settings from a private college to mental hospitals. She has worked with clients ranging with those undergoing various life challenges to clients with mental health issues, from ages three to ninety.

Vanitha is a member of the National Association of Drama Therapy (USA) and was registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) in UK (2004). Her work has been published in a book and professional journals in the UK and in Malaysia.

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