Past Life Regression Healing Therapy

Past life regression therapy is a form of healing therapy that uses guided imagery and meditation to assist persons in accessing and understanding memories from the past which is the source of current present day issues. The past, as explored in regression therapy, can include early memories from one’s current life as well as memories in-utero and memories from other incarnations or identities. This form of therapy can also include working with memories or interactions in the non-physical realities.Past life therapies gained much publicity when renowned psychiatrist Brian Weiss, M.D. published the book “Many Lives, Many Masters” and actress Shirley MacLaine publicized the idea of reincarnation and past lives in her book and the film dramatization of “Out On A Limb”. This therapy is however, not a new approach or discovery, as psychotherapists and spiritual healers have been using this practice well before this time. These concepts and methods have been used in many cultures around the world where practices include inducing a trance-like state to access inner journeys and soul retrievals to reclaim and reintegrate stuck or wounded parts of one’s soul.

Past-life regression therapies have been effective in helping many people resolve issues that may not have responded well to other therapies. Fears, phobias, allergies, illnesses, addictions, and other repeated negative patterns are often explained by past life memories and are then released as the experience is re-processed in a therapeutic session. The therapy is safe, with cross checks carried out on one’s readiness to confront the issues identified. This therapy can help unravel and unearth undesired patterns which directly or indirectly contribute to present day issues and the inability of individuals to ‘letting go’.  

Understanding and accepting these issues can help resolve them enabling healing to take place. These can be applied to a wide range of problems, as the patient’s own inner guidance is instrumental in helping the therapist and patient discover the roots of current issues. This therapy empowers individuals to take charge of their lives and their healing processes, and helps them feel a sense of liberation, peace, happiness and wellness.

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Facilitator : Vivienne LeongVivienne has been a light-worker in many previous lives, and is presently  guided to help individuals resolve their present day issues through past life regressions and Cutting of the Cords. She believes strongly in the empowering results one can attain from past life regression therapy, advocating that one can travel through time past, into healing. Vivienne is a Reiki Master Teacher as well, and conducts Reiki workshops for all levels. She also reads the Tarot and other healing cards, through intuition, and connects with the higher beings, angels and the Universe to help and guide her in her healing sessions. She works with many different therapies, but currently concentrates on solving present day issues which involves the source from a person’s past or previous lives.

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