Sound Healing

Sound Healing uses sound to realign and create balance in the energy centres within the physical body. Science has proven that everything is actually in a state of vibration, including our body, emotional and mental states. Sound has always been a big part of our cultures. Since prehistoric times – from shamanic practice (chanting, drumming and rattling to heal people) to ancient mystery schools of Egypt, Greece, India and many other centres of knowledge, the use of sound and music for healing has been a highly developed sacred science.

Through sound, Sound Healers help realign the energy centres using tools like Tibetan bowls and bells, musical instruments, tuning forks and the human voice to stimulate cells to vibrate at a higher frequency. Techniques of sound healing are effective when combined with the different bodywork modalities – massage, chiropractic and therapeutic touch. A skilled practitioner will be able to create sounds to facilitate their modality and enable their bodywork to reach new levels of effectiveness.

Energy exchange: RM 138 
Duration: 1 hour
Practitioner: Jin

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