Aura & Chakra Reading


Selvi is a natural psychic and clairvoyant who possesses extraordinary abilities. She can see a person’s aura (and glean an astonishing amount of information from it), communicate with all beings (ascended masters, lost souls, evil spirits, plants and animals), unravel past lives responsible for present-day misfortunes, dispose of negative energies, remove energy blocks, identify your own personal guardian angel and, basically, do all that is necessary to make you understand the root of your problems and how to manage them.

Selvi  provides a complete spiritual “overhaul” for all those who come to them with various issues. Her list of services include:

·         Aura reading

·         Aura cleansing

·         Karmic/past life healing

·         Chakra balancing

·         Clearing houses and business premises of negative energies

·         Removal of negative energies

·         Channeling

·         Teaching self-healing methods

Selvi has helped many, many people with diverse issues ranging from possession by evil spirits to health, financial and relationship problems. Most of these issues have been resolved quietly and discreetly behind closed doors.

Each session with Selvi is RM150 and lasts slightly more than an hour. Please call The Violet Flame at 03-20959868 for an appointment.

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