Law Of Affirmation Sacred Symbol and Affirmation Wall Decals

Law Of Affirmation featuring a series of sacred symbols, that help you to connect with the vibration of the energy that each symbol associated with. By combining the Law of Affirmation Wall Decals & Symbols, it help to sustain the vibration in your living and working space.

Affirmation Decals

A simple and highly effective way of re-programming the subconscious mind and filling it with positive messages! What’s more, your loved ones living in the same space also stand to reap the benefits of affirmation decals effortlessly. The beautiful and positive energy of the decals fill your living space, energising you on all levels and lending a harmonious and balanced environment to your home. When you think and feel positive, you set the stage of magnetising and attracting all that you want into your life! It’s as simple as that!

Symbol Decals

Since the days of ancient civilisation, symbols have been used for a wide array of purposes. We can trace back the use of symbols to the Lemurian, Atlantean and Egyptian civilisation. In recent times, symbols feature prominently in religion and holistic therapies such as reiki. Symbols can be used for healing, to hold energy and even for sacred space activation. With LoA symbol decals, you can easily incorporate the appropriate sacred symbol into your living space and at the same time decorate it in a modern and contemporary fashion.

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