Self-Awakening through Releasing : 18 June (Sat)

Self-Awakening Through Releasing is a process that provides an efficient approach to solving roblems in all areas of life to achieve peace, balance, and inner awareness.

When a person is experiencing stress, pain, misery or any other problems, these issues can be effectively transmuted through 3 simple steps:    
1)  taking 100% responsibility for the problem experienced and consciously choosing to come into awareness,
2) releasing of old limiting patterns and beliefs that caused the problem,
3) “coming back home” to Self and centering. This is your natural state and where conscious creation can take place effortlessly.

Whether a person is experiencing money problems, lack of clarity, feelings of depression, career challenges, health issues, or sabotaging relationships, any problem experienced can be quickly and effectively transmuted through the above mentioned 3 steps. When the problem is neutralized and when natural state is achieved, things unfold masterfully, perfectly and effortlessly. Problems seemingly solve themselves and dissolve away into perfectness: Money starts coming into life; love, health, peace, abundance all start flowing again when the blocked energy is released.  

All problems begin within and sometimes play out in a pattern.  Sometimes stories are created around particular events, people or places in life and this is how a problem forms. All problems begin with “I.” These stories can sometimes be painful and taken as truth. When painful stories are created, it can become a pattern in one’s life and play out over and over again. To become aware is to question the very stories playing out in life and to consciously choose to heal them. When awareness flourishes, choice comes into the light. 

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Time : 11am – 1 pm
Fee : RM 50

Facilitators: Jana Moreno & Jean-Paul Valdes

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Aside from a driven entrepreneur, international writer, speaker/trainer and mother, Jana Moreno conducts her own courses aimed to support people in creating the lives they desire.  She is very passionate about her work designed to assist people in breaking through their limitations and emotional blocks using different techniques.  She gracefully leads them to a place of empowerment and well-being, leaving with them tools they can use to consciously choose to live their desired life.

Jana has been invited to speak in colleges in Kuala Lumpur, including the Malaysia Institute of Art and is in the process of co-authoring two books in two different countries. She is part-owner and an associate of Wisdom Ink©. She gives talks, trainings, private consultations and sessions to people from all walks of life and in different countries. She has been doing this work lovingly for 4 years and truly enjoys living in conscious creation. 

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Jean-Paul Valdes grew up in Miami, Florida, U.S.A., and majored in Economics at the Florida State University. Upon entering college, Jean-Paul quickly found that many of the structures for teaching were limited and tended to focus more on imparting information rather than equipping people with the necessary skills for independent thinking. Jean-Paul worked with a large global organisation that organised conferences and meetings. His job required that he constantly communicate with a wide range of people from different parts of the world to develop common goals and deliverables.

Through courses, research and his own reflection, Jean-Paul came to recognize that communication is very much driven by emotional and subconscious thoughts. Jean-Paul has been on a deep personal journey. He has transformed his life and got the results he desired – profound and fulfilling relationships in his personal and professional life. The great results that he has achieved have inspired him to distill the key factors that enable great communication and share them with others.

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