Reiki Level 2 Class : 23 Oct (Sun)

Reiki Level 2 will connect you to the 3 sacred symbols. You will learn the names and forms of these 3 sacred symbols. The initiatory attunement will open your channels further and increase the output and frequency of the Reiki energy available for your use. You will now be able to magnify and direct this energy to benefit yourself and others. You will also be able to send distant healing to people and situations you are concerned about and connect to them as though you were actually with them.

You will also learn how to focus this more powerful energy to heal your own mental/emotional problems and heal for others, clear negativity from the past and from your physical environment, enhance your relationships and influence a positive future outcome.

Reiki 2 will be on:
•  Review on Reiki 1 teaching and techniques
•  Remote/Distant healing techniques
•  In-depth Physical & Emotional Healing techniques
•  Learn sacred and secret Reiki Symbols to enhance energy flow
•  Reiki Level 2 Attunements

For those who have attended my Reiki Level 2 class, you are welcome to re-attend level 2 for free (unlimited)! 

Time : 11 am – 6pm
Date : 23 Oct (Sun)
Fees : RM 580 (inclusive of manual, lunch and certificate)

Students who sign up NOW (for limited time only) and complete the REIKI II classes shall also receive a FREE decal set of the three Sacred REIKI II Symbols* (small sized) worth RM139 (with full fees paid).

These beautifully designed and crafted symbols can be displayed at place of work or study, bedroom, meditation area, living area, etc. The symbols can be used for many functions, amongst which include:

 – holding the positive energy of your space (work space, bedroom, living, etc)
 – assist in enhancing your focus and intention to clear and setup protection of your space
 – helps in your meditation and daily intention to bring in higher vibration energies
 – assist in your intention to harmonize the energies of a space
 – helps you to focus your intention and energies to clear discordant and negative emotional energies of people within your home/space
 – greatly helps you to focus and concentrate greater healing energies in your meditation, including sending distant Reiki to others
 – looks great as a wall decoration for home or your personal space, and many more

* The Reiki symbols decals are courtesy of

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Facilitator : Kok Wai
Kok Wai, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a SRA Certified Consultant of Spiritual Response Therapy, actively facilitates and teaches Reiki classes at The Violet Flame. He does private consultation and one-to-one healing using modalities such as Reiki, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) and Spiritual Restructuring (SpR). Kok Wai also incorporates nature’s gift of living essences in his healing sessions, when appropriate.

He continues to be delighted by the joys and wonders in his life-journey to master and express his true Self. Kok Wai is always grateful for the Love, the abundance of life’s blessings and constant support, from the Universe and All around him.

Kok Wai is passionate about his work and is always glad to be able to share knowledge and wisdom with others while, always, working on himself. He embraces the never-ending evolution of knowledge and wisdom, and believes in the appropriate application and integration relevant to present time. He firmly believes in the love and empowerment that each of us must learn and realise individually, in order to reclaim control over our experiences on Earth and as a Divine Spark of Creation.

As such, Kok Wai strives to live consciously in the here and now, gaining the nuggets of wisdom from every situation in life, ever evolving for the better in service of the Soul, while also being able to be in service to All.

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