Pure Joy Home Cooking Program

Good food prepared with pure joy, eaten together with loved ones in the warmth of your own home is truly one of life’s greatest luxuries.

Relish the true meaning of pure gratitude when you rediscover simple happiness in home cooking with Pure Joy Home Cooking Program.  This hands-on experiential learning program brings a holistic perspective to how you can appreciate the simple wonders & nurturing benefits of home cooking.  Learning the truth about holistic home cooking provides a refreshing experience towards all aspects of the home cooking process; shopping, food preparation, cooking, garnishing, food appreciation including cleaning & storing your cooking equipment & utensils.  Once you embrace the pure joy of home cooking, you will realise that the best cooked food is now available to you, right in the comforts of your own home. 

Pure Joy Home Cooking program is here to guide and encourage you to experience the basics of holistic home cooking in your own kitchen.  Upon mastering the basics, you will have confidence to try out new recipes & eventually create your own.  With this new found pure joy, you will enjoy a lifetime of life’s simple luxuries to share with your love ones.   

– Experience pure gratitude in the simple luxuries of home cooking
– Have fun in selecting cooking recipes & creatively adapting recipes to your own style & taste
– Be inspired to create delicious home cook meals with real ingredients & lots of love
– Reignite your passion & enjoy the nurturing benefits of cooking for yourself
– Light up & fall in love over and over again with the Domestic Goddess in you
– Feel the satisfaction of truly living in your home as you fully utilize your kitchen space and cooking equipment
– Awaken your senses & connect to your truth as you cook up a delicious and satisfying meal for you & your love ones 

No of Sessions: Total of 6 Sessions (4 Practical Sessions + 1 Theory Session + 1 Self Creative Session)
Session 1: Introducing Holistic Home Cooking, Kitchen Equipment & Utensils, Fundamental Ingredients
Session 2: Pasta – Fresh Handmade Pasta & Freshly Made Pasta Sauces
Session 3: Breads – Focaccia & Pizza
Session 4: Desserts – Pastry & Cake
Session 5: A Complete Meal – Roast Chicken, Mash Potatoes & Salad
Session 6: Self Creative Session  

Once a week or twice a week.  Starting date to be agreed by participant & facilitator. 
3.5 hours for each session.  Preferred time is 1:30pm – 5pm. 
No of Participants: This is an Individual (one participant) coaching program

Venue:  This program is conducted at the participant’s home kitchen, with the required kitchen equipment and utensils 

Program Criteria: Designed exclusively for women only 

Fee: RM1800 per program (exclusive one-to-one coaching sessions)
– Fee includes cooking ingredients and recipes for 4 Practical Sessions.
– Fee does not include kitchen equipment & utensils.  
– Participant will be required to provide own kitchen equipment & utensils.
– Upon confirmation, a 40% prepayment (RM720) is required.  The remaining 60% will be paid out equally during each session (RM180 per session).
– Payment can be made at The Violet Flame

Facilitator : Susan Kwok

After 10 years as a business consultant, while on a much needed holiday, I experienced the miracle of self-healing with Holistic Aromatherapy.  Since this encounter with Destiny, I quit my work and went back to school to learn various modalities on self-healing & holistic growth.  This is the beginning of my inner-venture and the rediscovery of my LifeWork. LifeWork is the synergy of merging my life purpose into my work, where there is no separation between what I am meant to do and the actions that I take through my work.  With deeper understanding and consistently acknowledging my LifeWork, I begin expressing my passions and living a purposeful life of facilitating holistic growth for individuals and corporations through my work in Beyond Consulting, Fragrant Blessings & Pure Joy.

Please call us at 03-20959868 or email info@thevioletflame.com.my to register.

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