New class! Inner Martial Art Meditation (IMAM) : 7 – 9 pm, 3 May (Tues)

IMAM is the centre-point of all teachings of martial arts and Yoga. Sages throughout history have accessed IMAM and then developed teachings for mind and body. These mind and body teachings evolved over time to become specific martial arts and yoga techniques in different parts of the world. Through energy initiations and individual meditation techniques – closed eye, open eye, sitting or walking, the participant will be able to access UNIVERSAL CHI that will then spontaneously flower into different aspects of martial arts or yoga. The participant will then experience physical, emotional and mental benefits through this universal flow of chi. Your facilitator is Ishtar.  Ishtar is not looking for students.  Rather, he is looking for individuals who are willing to be part of a team willing to receive instructions that through IMAM to unite YIN and YANG.  This effect creates Universal Chi which has the ability to heal anything.  Are you willing to be part of this team? 

Facilitator : Ishtar

Being born in Quebec, Canada in June 1966, I served my country in the Commandos as a pathfinder. I retired after 12 years at the rank of sergeant. Being skilled in many martial arts, I then learnt more about Tai Chi and meditation. In 1997, I became a monk of the Ishaya Order. Since 1999, I have been travelling in Asia on my own to discover a hidden treasure this land had for me. Today, I can deliver its secrets and it is named IMAM.

Benefits :

You are to have a direct experience of its science. You’ll be receiving direct instructions from the facilitator present, which will take you to the full “mental-emotional-physical” experience of the martial art master dwelling inside of you. The awakening of this Dragon unlocks hidden shadows (death traps) within the nervous system accumulated from personal or ancestral history, in order to balance the stress it contains, into the life-force that it truely is. Such an experience have the potential to change your view about who you are and alter your opinion on creation for a TRUTH that can only give back to one a reason to live in the full glory of the One.

You’ll be receiving more details about the tremendous Healing effect that this discipline has for you.

Energy Exchange : RM 150/month – 4 sessions

3 May (1st session) :        – Opening the Chi lines
Tues                               – Introduction of the meditation technique (primary)
                                      – Dragon breath exercise, rainbow dragon revelation
                                      – Tai Chi exercises : tiger claw rotation, tiger swim, big ball

10 May (2nd session) :      – Introduction of the secondary meditation technique
Tues                               – Sitting meditation
                                      – Tai Chi exercises : dragon tail, snake, move hands like clouds

17 May  (3rd session) :       – Introduction of free flow Tai Chi
Tues                                 – Sitting meditation
                                       – Tai Chi exercises : pushing hands, moon walk
24 May (4th session)  :    – Introduction to vibration awareness
Tues                              – Sitting meditation with awareness of sound
                                     – Free flow Tai Chi and Kung Fu with or without sound

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