Divinity Dowsing Class – Advanced Level : 2 & 3 July

Feelings Alchemist

What are you feeling NOW?  To feel your own ‘feelings’ takes courage… Do you have the courage to do this?
Do you notice yourself starting to churn out one negative feeling after another only to find yourself completely confused by the onion-like layers of emotions that are affecting you?  Perhaps you find yourself confused about your feelings leaving you with a sense of numbness or emptiness?

Have you heard the voice of the wisdom self whispering to you… ‘This is not a wise act and not vibrationally aligning to the Source and wisdom self…’ only to completely ignore this guidance and allow the current of negative feelings to continue to flow through you and be your master?

Sometimes we find that we’ve become so attached and used to the negative feelings that we are not sure what to do next!
If the scenarios above apply to you, perhaps within your love life, relationships in general, your career or even your spiritual path, then you might want to reclaim your mastery over your emotions and cultivate the opportunity to become a Feelings Alchemist.

What is Feelings Alchemist?

It is a step by step transformational process that peels away the onion-like layers of the underlying negative feelings in the minds and emotional body.  This is achieved with guidance received from your wisdom self on exactly what positive and divine feelings you need to anchor in order replace the lower emotions that have been causing you distress.  The whole process is beautifully simple and effective.  With the guidance of your super-conscious mind and a unique set of tools; it takes less than 30 minutes to identify all of the underlying negative feelings associated with the specific issue you are working on.
Feeling good before you take any action is always an important step in the process, when you do not feel good; you cannot be inspired to take positive actions that will help you to solve the problem.

What will you learn in this workshop?

• To identify “onion-like” negative feelings and the source that is causing the relationship breakdown in your life.
• To release the associated negative feeling through the power of divine law.
• To reconstruct your feeling body with positive feelings through the help of divine law.
• To restore your feeling of self-appreciation for what you are accomplishing here in your physical body.

Pre-requisite: Intermediate Level

What you need to bring?
Manuals and a set of tools are provided for the workshop, just bring a pen and notepad with a fun and open heart to explore your feelings and how to be a Feelings Alchemist.

Time  : 11.30am – 5.30pm
Class Fee : RM500

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Facilitator : Darreck Chen

This class is facilitated by Darreck Chen who is an experienced Reiki Teacher, Energy and Vibration Facilitator, Spiritual Response Therapy Teacher and Spiritual Restructuring Teacher who has helped numerous clients to achieve increased well-being, healing and greater self awareness.

Please call 03-20959868 or email info@thevioletflame.com.my to register.

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