Crystal Therapy Workshop : 10 April (Sun)

Level 1 : Healing Chakra System

Since the creation of Mother Earth, the crystal kingdom has already envisioned its significant role in the evolution of our planet. Different crystals were created with different combinations of materials to establish various energies and properties.

Due to the various kinds of energies and properties embedded in crystals, we are able to use them for therapy. Therapy is crucial nowadays as all aspects of the body need to be balanced, healed and probably upgraded for overall wellbeing.

This course serves as a platform for crystal fans who are keen to learn and utilize the therapeutic energies and healing properties of the crystal kingdom. With a humble heart, Tristen will share his understandings based on his practical healing experience over the years.

Prerequisites: Helpful to have some basic understanding of crystals.

1) Participants are able to learn Crystal Therapy from scratch – from setting up a healing space to the end of clearing the space.
2) Ability to use the therapeutic energies of crystals for self healing, for family members and clients.
3) You will receive powerful initiations to activate your ability to heal yourself and others.
4) A safe and grounding therapy system available for all walks of people.
5) Excellent for physical pain relief, stress management, blood circulation, fertility, sexual dysfunction, respiratory system, submissive expression and more.

Gentle reminder: Please bring along these crystals in tumbled stones or smaller forms for this workshop: 1) Clear Quartz 2) Amethyst 3) Sodalite 4) Rose Quartz 5) Yellow Jasper 6) Unakite 7) Hematite or any other crystal with similar property for the respective chakras.

Your date with Crystals: 10 April (Sun)
Time: 11:00am – 6:00pm
Energy exchange: RM 400

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Tristen Churn became a yoga practitioner in 2001 and he is currently a yoga instructor in few centres where he combines yoga philosophy with spiritual understanding in his classes. Previously, Tristen was guided in Chan Meditation by the disciples of the late Chan Master Sheng Yen, Dharma Drum Mountain and he also learnt various meditation techniques with international teachers which enrich his experience.

Through a higher guidance, he acquired metaphysical teachings and knowledge in this new age several years ago. Spiritual courses that he completed are:
• Divine Will Meditation – Orin and Daben
• Awakening Your Lightbody – Orin and Daben
• Releasing Your Healing Voice with Angels
• Angels’ Connection Workshop
• Almine’s 5-Day Workshop

In this life time, Tristen connects to the Buddhist and Bodhisattva lineage as the foundation of his services. By becoming a multi-channel, he communicates with the Masters, Celestial Beings and Crystals to bring in the highest truth of love and wisdom. He also received initiations activations from various Enlightened Masters and Earth Masters to serve the highest good of humanity, ie:
• Belvaspata Grand Master – Almine
• Ex-chairman of The Institute of Human Potentials in Asia – Almine

Spiritually, he chooses to become a Conduit of Lights and Frequencies specializes in healing, initiation and activation of human energy systems and earth grid portals. The story of his latest activation of portals with his peers is linked @ provides intuitive counselling services ie. with Tarot and Angels Card Reading (8 years of experience), Masters/Crystal Channelling & Healing, Belvaspata Intuitive Healing and other services to public. He travelled to places around the world to provide energy services e.g. Penang, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Insights of his work are available at


“For almost a decade, I have been interested in crystals. I am fascinated by the natural beauty of the wide variety of the mineral kingdom. The crystals are amazing because of their formation from planet Earth, and their natural beauty never failed to inspire me. The formation of crystals also show the transformation that Earth has gone through millions of years, eons of lifetimes.

My interest in crystals began through collecting some tumbled stones, bracelets and wands. Hence, the interest has led me into getting to know about the wide variety of crystals and into crystal healing, through books and pendulum dowsing. For some time, I have been searching for classes or workshops regarding crystal therapy. By affinity, I stumbled upon Tristen’s Crystal Therapy Workshop via The Violet Flame at Bangsar, KL last week. I registered for the course and attended it on Sunday. I felt very thankful for the opportunity and affinity to attend the workshop. When I attended the course, I found that this was the first time Tristen conducted such a workshop. In the workshop, Tristen gave a detailed explanation on the wisdom of crystals, crystal channelling, the setting up and closing of a crystal therapy session. He also gave me some guidance on conducting crystal therapy session and practiced a hands-on training session on giving healing. From there, I learned ways to communicate with client/recipient before and after healing session.

The overall workshop was purposeful and meaningful as I got the chance to enhance and comprehend more regarding crystals and crystal healing, applying the knowledge in my daily life, in a more profound way. Last time I get to learn about crystals through books, and now through the workshop, the knowledge I got before are becoming more settled and confirmed even more, in much deeper understanding. Most of all, Tristen’s explanation and guidance about crystals has helped and made me becoming more aware about the importance of treating and caring for crystals with love and respect and applying them with good and positive intentions for the highest good of all. In addition, the whole workshop was enjoyable as I get to learn from mistakes and learning crystal therapy in a fun and positive way. I look forward for more classes and workshops from Tristen. And I really recommend this workshop to anyone whom is also interested in crystals and crystal therapy and wants to deepen the knowledge and understanding in crystal and holistic healing to help oneself as well as others.

Thanks very much to Tristen, Sandy and Li Yen of The Violet Flame, guides, crystals and Mother Earth for the opportunity and affinity. LOVE and LIGHT.”

~ With heartfelt thanks, WH Ng, Melaka ~

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